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Video: Dataminions @ Musikclub OM Offenburg 16.06.2012

Dataminions (1605 / Sabotage / Respekt / Italo Business)

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@ Durstlöscher Electro-Minimal-Techno-Techhouse-Night

Dataminions were conceived some decade ago, literarily underground, in a small dark studio at the Kiberpipa (Cyberpipe), a Students’ Union ran art laboratory in Ljubljana downtown. It started as a quartet of three young producers and DJ Bizzy, one of the original „Slovenian Techno Sound“ inventors, as their mentor. Initially it was meant to be an electro project. The guys have produced couple of tracks that were picked up by Billy Nasty’s Electrix label, but the wrath of recession in music business got them and the original Dataminios have ceased to operate. Couple of years latter, after the success of projects such us Rotor, Temponauta and Ouroborots, DJ Bizzy hooked up with his colleague Boltzmann, who used to mix his projects in the same studio and they’ve revived Dataminions – this time as a techno production duo and special DJ-live act with strong, dark, intense, heavy bass oriented sound and clear message that techno is nothing if the perfect form and tight production don’t bear any content: “We all operate in a binary system, but there’s still much to be explored. When you do or play music, you have to be open minded and search for those tiny empty spaces between the obvious zeros and ones.“ So, wake up guys! Or Dataminions will bass your arses!


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